TCC Introduction to Schemes Schedule
Term 1

The following is an outline of the course, which will be updated as the course progresses.
This will change as the term progresses, and other references will probably be added. If you're only interested in the lectures on a particular topic, email me to confirm the date on which they will take place.

I will post the smart-board notes after each lecture.

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Week Date Topics References Notes Homework
1 12/10 Overview, sheaves Hartshorne II.1, Eisenbud-Harris I.1.3, Vakil Ch 2 Lecture 1 HW 1
2 19/10 Affine schemes Hartshorne II.2, Eisenbud-Harris I.1.1, Vakil Ch 3-5. Lecture 2 HW 2
3 26/10 Schemes Hartshorne II.2, II.3, Eisenbud-Harris I.1.2, Vakil Ch 3-5 Lecture 3 HW 3
4 2/11 Properties of schemes Hartshorne II.3, Eisenbud-Harris II, Vakil Ch 3-5 Lecture 4 HW 4
5 9/11 More properties of schemes, Projective schemes Hartshorne II.2, II.4, Vakil Section 4.5, Ch 9, Ch 10 Lecture 5 HW 5
6 16/11 Coherent sheaves Hartshorne II.5, Vakil Ch 13 Lecture 6 HW 6
7 23/11 Divisors and Line bundles Hartshorne II.6, II.7, Eisenbud-Harris III, Vakil Ch 14 Lecture 7
8 30/11 Divisors and line bundles, maps to projective space, functor of points Lecture 8 HW 7