TCC Introduction to Schemes
Term 1

Course Description

This module will be an introduction to the theory of schemes in algebraic geometry. This is a "second course" in algebraic geometry, although it is technically possible to take it first, and it also functions as a third, fourth, or later course. I expect the audience to have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, and will attempt to make the module function on multiple levels.


This is module is being taught through the TCC, so is accessible to students at Bath, Bristol, Imperial, Oxford, and Warwick. Ask locally if you do not know where the TCC room at your institution is.

Lectures will take place at 10-12, Thursday, starting on 12 October, 2017.

You can contact me ( Diane Maclagan ) via email ( D.Maclagan at or phone ( (024) 7652 8333). I will set up an office hour once the class list has stabilized.

Recommended Texts

We will roughly cover Chapter 2 of the classic Algebraic Geometry by Hartshorne. This is a subject best learned with at least two books open on your desk; other good options include (but are not limited to) Eisenbud/Harris The Geometry of Schemes and Vakil's notes. If you want to buy copies of any of these books, I recommend first looking at a site like, which searches multiple independent bookstores.



There will be homework assignments posted for every class. Homework assignments will be posted on the schedule webpage, which will also have the reading for the following week. If you are taking the module for credit, please email me.