Joint Warwick/Edinburgh seminar on Spherical Varieties

Term 3, 2014

This is the inaugural joint Warwick/Edinburgh seminar using the TCC/SMSTC technology. The topic this term will be spherical varieties. The local organizers are Diane Maclagan (Warwick) and Milena Hering (Edinburgh). The seminars will take place in the TCC room (B0.06) at Warwick, and in the SMSTC room (JCMB 5323) at Edinburgh. All are welcome. See here for information about other Algebraic Geometry activity at Warwick this term, and here for information about activity at Edinburgh.

Schedule of upcoming talks

Where available the output from the smart board is provided. You need to zoom in to read this.

28 April, 2014
Monday, 1:00pm
Diane Maclagan Definitions and examples. (Section 2.1 of Pezzini).
30 April, 2014
Wednesday, 11am
Milena Hering More examples (2.1/2.2 Pezzini).
7 May, 2014
Wednesday, 11am
Adam Boocher 2.3 Pezzini
19 May, 2014
Monday, 1:30pm
Felipe Rincón 2.4 Pezzini.
4 June, 2014
Wednesday, 12pm
Johan Martens Multiplicity-free symplectic manifolds and the Delzant conjecture
9 June, 2014
Monday, 1:30pm
Moved due to technical difficulties
Diane Maclagan 2.5 Pezzini.
(Link to be fixed shortly).
11 June 2014
Wednesday 4pm
Milena Hering 2.5/2.6 Pezzini
12 June 2014
Thursday, 3:30pm
Hendrik Suess Divisor classes on spherical varieties and Cox rings

Recommended Reading

Other references mentioned in lectures

Directions to the University are available here. The Mathematics institute is in the Zeeman Building, which is number 37 on the map available here. Warning: The University of Warwick is not in the town of Warwick, but on the outskirts of Coventry - the correct train stations are Coventry or Leamington Spa (closer if coming from Oxford).
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