This the second term we have been studying Hodge Theory. You can find Huybrecht's book `Complex Geometry' as an e-book through the University library here. Other books that might be useful are Voisin and Griffiths & Harris.

We meet Tues 5-6pm in A1.01 and Fri 3-4pm in B1.12.

Week 2 Tom Exercises related to material from last term ex sheet (Fri in MS.04)
Week 3 Enrico More exercises ex sheet
Week 4 Seung-Jo Even more exercises ex sheet
Week 5 Seung-Jo/Enrico Left over exercises
Week 6 No seminar McKay correspondence workshop at Warwick
Week 7 Taro ex sheet
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10

Please email with suggestions for future seminars. Previous topics have included:
-Abelian Varieties
-Borel & Serre - "Le Th\'eor\`eme de Riemann-Roch"
-Hilbert Schemes
-Geometric Invariant Theory

Details of old seminars can be found on Andrew's page.