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Other Projects

SSH Speed Test

What is the fastest way to copy files between two Linux computers? Like most people, I use scp, but I wondered whether the cryptographic overhead was slowing it down, particularly when used on a 1Gbps connection. So I did some tests to find out the fastest way. The fastest solution was not what I predicted (hint: it involves ssh, but not scp). Find out more here.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

(Out of date) Some work I did on the Mantuik '06 tone mapping algorithm, used for creating HDR photographs.

Anomaly Detection

What is the best way to detect an anomalous reading (a.k.a. a signal) in a noisy background? That was my project in 2003 as a SURF student at Caltech. We were looking for graviational waves in a background signal, before it was known exactly what a gravitational wave signal would look like, but I believe the same technique could be used to find out-of-the-ordinary signals in ordinary background noise. Find out more here.