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Current and past courses:

II 2022:
MA4J7 (Cohomology and Poincare duality)
I 2021: MA132/138 (Foundations/Sets and numbers)
II 2021: TCC module (Introduction to three-manifolds)
I 2020: MA132/138 (Foundations/Sets and numbers)
II 2020: MA4J7 (Cohomology and Poincare duality)
II 2019: MA4J7 (Cohomology and Poincare duality)
I 2018: MA3D5 (Galois theory)
II 2018: TCC module (Introduction to three-manifolds)
I 2017: MA3F1 (Introduction to topology)
II 2017: MA3H6 (Algebraic topology)
I 2015: MA243 (Geometry)
I 2015: MA3F1 (Introduction to topology)
I 2014: MA243 (Geometry)
I 2014: MA3F1 (Introduction to topology)
II 2014: MA3H6 (Algebraic topology)
II 2013: MA3H6 (Algebraic topology)
II 2012: MA4J2 (Three-manifolds)
II 2011: MA4J2 (Three-manifolds)
I 2010: TCC module (Hierarchies and the curve complex)
II 2010: MA3F2 (Knot theory)
II 2010: TCC module (Hyperbolicity of the curve complex)
II 2009: MA3F2 (Knot theory)
I 2008: TCC module (The mapping class group and the complex of curves)
II 2008: MA3F2 (Knot theory)

Sp 2007: 291 (Honors calculus III)
Fa 2006: 251H (Honors Calculus III)
Fa 2006: 361 (Set theory)
Sp 2006: 461 (Logic)
Fa 2005: 291 (Honors calculus III)
Fa 2005: 428 (Graph theory)
Sp 2005: 311 (Advanced calculus (aka real analysis))
Fa 2004: 151 (Calculus I) two sections.

Sp 2003: 181 (Calculus II)
Fa 2002: 180 (Calculus I)
Current Ph.D. students:

Marco Linton
Marco Barberis
Anna Parlak
Esmee te Winkel
Ronja Kuhne

Past Ph.D. students:

Mark Bell 2015 PhD. Thesis: Recognising mapping classes
Richard Webb 2014 PhD. Thesis: Effective geometry of curve graphs
Alexander Wickens 2012 MPhil. Thesis: Ending laminations and the curve complex
Irida Altman 2013 PhD. Thesis: On some properties of the sutured Floer polytope

Advice to potential Ph.D. students:

General advice: Ravi Vakil's
discussion is particularly useful. Using that as a starting point, one can find further pages via Google.
Particular to Warwick: Application material for the Ph.D. and M.Phil. program can be found on the postgraduate webpage. Please email Monica Dinu or myself if you have questions.
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