Ice cream and orbifold Riemann-Roch

Anita Buckley, Miles Reid and Shengtian Zhou

This website accompanies the paper of the same name, Izvestiya RAN.
Seriya Matematicheskaya 77:3-4 (2013), 461--486 (arXiv:1208.0457).

While we are unable to offer any unconditional guarantee that everything
here is totally wrong, that should be a reasonably safe assumption.

An addendum contains various material too long to fit in the main text.
It includes homework exercises and their solutions, computer algorithms,
some detailed proofs omitted from the paper, and heaps of scrap.

My_magmarc is Reid's Magma start-up file, included for the
considerable inconvenience of the reader. Suffer!

This file gives some sample calculations and baby applications
to orbifold del Pezzo surfaces.

old is a historical folder containing reams of scrap.


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