A new paradigm for the universe

This project provides a new approach to understanding the universe. The main idea is that the principal objects in the universe form a spectrum unified by the presence of a massive or hypermassive black hole. These objects are variously called quasars, active galaxies and spiral galaxies. The key to understanding their dynamics is angular momentum and the key tool, and main innovative idea of this work, is a proper formulation of "Mach's principle" using Sciama's ideas. The new approach gives an explanation for the observed dynamics of spiral galaxies without needing so called "dark matter" and gives a framework that fits the observations of Arp and others that show that quasars typically exhibit instrinsic redshift. These fantastic observations have no place in current mainstream cosmology and, to the lasting shame and discredit of the cosmological community, Arp himself was hounded out and denied observation time on the big telescopes.

In essence, what is provided here is a totally new paradigm for the universe. In this paradigm, there is no big bang, and the universe is many orders of magnitude older than current estimates for its age. Indeed there is no natural limit for its age.

There is a quick introduction to some of the main ideas of the new paradigm in the TALK that I gave at Robert MacKay's 60th birthday conference. And there is a short paper covering one of the main topics, the dynamics of galaxies with dark matter replaced by an alternative geometric hypothesis, Dark-alternative, which I recommend reading first.

There is also a BOOK containing the main material in one convenient package. I recommend that you continue by dipping into this book.

The latest version of the book is available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book and as a paperback by print-on-demand The book is also available on the arXiv at astro-ph/0311033,

Mathematica notebooks supporting the book can be found here:   Mathematica notebooks

Further material:
Three joint papers with Robert MacKay, which give an explanation for redshift consistent with the paradigm and suggest a non-cataclysmic explanation for gamma ray bursts:
Natural flat observer fields in spherically-symmetric space-times (with Robert MacKay) J Phys A: Math Theor 48 (2015) 225204
Natural observer fields and redshift (with Robert MacKay) J Cosmology 15 (2011) 6079--6099
Are gamma-ray bursts optical illusions? (with Robert MacKay) Palestinian J Math 5(Spec.1) (2016) 175--197

A joint paper with Robert MacKay and Rosemberg Toala Enriques, which provides a model for quasars with intrinsic (gravitational) redshift:
Black holes, redshift and quasars

Supporting notes:
Notes on de Sitter space
Uniqueness of spherically-symmetric vacuum solutions to Einstein's equations

A paper proving that much of the observed redshift in quasars is gravitational and not cosmological:
Intrinsic redshift in quasars