My interest in Lesson Study began when Masami Isoda invited me to give a plenary on my framework for Three Worlds of Mathematics in the belief that we could cooperate to our mutual advantage. Lesson Study involves children being presented with a problem and building and discussing their own solutions, and hence could operate in a way which encourages focusing on flexible thinking rather than just learning procedures. I wrote several papers (below) and designed the presentation of lesson study videos for the APEC study group introducing Lesson Study to the economies around the Pacific Rim.

My original design for a page analysing a lesson on introducing multi-digit arithmetic is here. It has an outline description of the lesson with selected short episodes that represent the lesson development, together with three links: the Lesson Plan, the Full Video and the List of Episodes. This design requires a broadband download to access the videos in a reasonable time. I advise the use of these lessons is best served by downloading the PDFs for the lesson plan and list of episodes for printing out for study and downloading the Quicktime Full Video. The Quicktime video is chapter marked, so that each episode can be accessed immediately and re-viewed as often as desired.

Papers on Lesson Study:

2006h David Tall (2006). Encouraging Mathematical Thinking that has both power and simplicity. Plenary presented at the APEC-Tsukuba International Conference, December 3–7, 2006, at the JICA Institute for International Cooperation (Ichigaya, Tokyo). [The overall framework of three worlds of mathematics for an audience interested in elementary school teaching, concentrating on the relationship between embodiment and symbolism.]
2007e Setting Lesson Study within a long-term framework of learning. Presented at APEC Conference on Lesson Study in Thailand, August 2007.
2007x Masami Isoda & David Tall (2007). Long-term development of Mathematical Thinking and Lesson Study. Prepared as a chapter for a forthcoming book on Lesson Study.
2008d Using Japanese Lesson Study in Teaching Mathematics, written for the Scottish Mathematical Council Journal.

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