Ian Melbourne's Preprint List

  1. I. Melbourne and P. Varandas. Good inducing schemes for uniformly hyperbolic flows, and applications to exponential decay of correlations.
    Preprint, February 2023, updated May 2023. (abstract, pdf file)

  2. G. Gottwald and I. Melbourne. Time-reversibility and nonvanishing Lévy area.
    Preprint, October 2022. (abstract, pdf file)

  3. I. Melbourne, F. Pène and D. Terhesiu. Local large deviations for periodic infinite horizon Lorentz gases.
    Preprint, August 2021, updated July 2022. To appear in J. d'Analyse Math. (abstract, pdf file)

  4. Y. Lima, C. Matheus and I. Melbourne. Polynomial decay of correlations for nonpositively curved surfaces.
    Preprint, July 2021. Updated, October 2022. (abstract, pdf file)

  5. V. Biktashev and I. Melbourne. St. Petersburg paradox for quasiperiodically hypermeandering spiral waves.
    Preprint, April 2020. (abstract, pdf file)

  6. P. Ashwin and I. Melbourne. Dynamics on unbounded domains; co-solutions and inheritance of stability.
    Preprint. (abstract, pdf file)