Maps of the geographical distribution of minority ethnic groups in Great Britain, 1991

These maps are based on data from the 1991 Census of Population. The geographical areas depicted are the 459 local authority districts which were defined following the 1974 local government re-organisation.

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 Minority ethnic groups includes all ethnic groups other than white  All minority ethnic groups
 Black ethnic groups: includes Black-Caribbean, Black-African and Black-Other ethnic groups. For maps of individual Black ethnic groups, click here.  Black ethnic groups
 South Asian ethnic groups : includes Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic groups. For maps of individual South Asian ethnic groups, click here.  South Asians
 Chinese and "Other" ethnic groups: includes Chinese, Other-Asian and "Other-Other" ethnic groups. For maps of the Chinese, Other-Asian or "Other-Other" ethnic groups, click here.  Chinese and Others

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