Summer term 2014: This term we are reading Deligne and Mumford's paper on the irreducibility of M_g.

We meet Weds 4pm and Fri 2pm, please check the room carefully as we will move around a bit.

Week 32 Weds 7/5 B1.01, Fri 9/5 D1.07
Week 33 Weds 14/5 B1.01, Fri 16/5 D1.07
Week 34 Weds 21/5 B3.01, Fri 23/5 D1.07
Week 35 Weds 28/5 B3.01, Fri 30/5 D1.07
Week 36 Weds 4/6 B3.03, Fri 7/6 B3.03
Week 37 Weds 11/6 B3.01, Fri 13/6 D1.07
Week 38 Weds 18/6 B3.01, Fri 20/6 No seminar
Week 39 Weds 25/6 B3.01, Fri 27/6 D1.07

Please email with suggestions for future seminars. Previous topics have included:
-Abelian Varieties
-Borel & Serre - "Le Théorème de Riemann-Roch"
-Hilbert Schemes
-Geometric Invariant Theory
-Hodge Theory

Details of old seminars can be found on Andrew's page.