Random Graph Geometry and Convergence
ERC Starting Grant project

by Agelos Georgakopoulos

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Selected related publications

  • A. Georgakopoulos and J. Haslegrave. Percolation on an infinitely generated group. Preprint 2017.
  • A. Georgakopoulos and S. Wagner. Subcritical graph classes containing all planar graphs. Preprint 2017.
  • John A. Sylvester. Random walk hitting times and effective resistance in sparsely connected Erdos-Renyi random graphs . Preprint 2016.
  • A. Georgakopoulos. Group-Walk Random Graphs. Preprint 2015.
  • A. Georgakopoulos and S. Wagner Limits of subcritical random graphs and random graphs with excluded minors. Preprint 2015.
  • A. Georgakopoulos and K. Kolesko. Brownian Motion on graph-like spaces. Preprint 2013.

  • Project group:

    John Haslegrave
    John Sylvester
    Christoforos Panagiotis
    Christoph Koch

    Now recruiting!

    Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research fellow to work on this project.

    The post is for 2 years starting October 2017 or later. The ideal candidate will have a strong background on random discrete structures, or random walks on graphs or groups, or enumerative and analytic combinatorics. Application details can be found here.