Erdös Lap Number

NB: A proof (in a form of a photo or a notary certification) is required for any claims.

For example, Barbie Freidin (née Benzer) has the Erdös Lap Number of 1. On this photo (taken from the Fall 1996 issue of "Math PUrview") she is the leftmost epsilon. Erdos with epsilons
Therefore, Oleg Pikhurko gets the the Erdös Lap Number 2. On the photo he is the O(1) (the O big of one) sitting on Barbie's lap.
Erdos Lap Number 2

Open Question (Małgorzata Bednarska $10): Does there exist a person whose

(usual) Erdös Number = Erdös Lap Number = 1 ?

Peter Griztmann conjectured that the answer is "Yes" and that János Pach is such a person. Unfortunately, even János himself was not able to produce a proof that his Erdös Lap Number is 1 (although he said that "it is a reasonable conjecture").

The following photo (posted by János Pach on Gil Kalai's blog) led some people to believe that they have a promising approach to the proof.  However, Uncle Paul holds not János but his daughter...

Erdos and Pach

The best known result towards the conjecture is that there is a person with Erdös Number 1 and Erdös Lap Number 2 (namely, Norbert Hegyvári):


Theorem (Ron Graham): The Erdös lap digraph contains a directed cycle!

Proof (presented by Ron at the Erdös Centennial Conference, 2013).

Further developments coming that direction:

The Erdös Lap Graph is expanding!...

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Erdos lap number 3 comes as an extra bonus for 21-484 "Graph Theory" students:

Sometimes I'm recognized even in public transport :-)