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[J87] C Baesens, RS MacKay, Algebraic localisation of linear response in a network with algebraically decaying interaction, and application to breathers in dipole-dipole networks, Helv Phys Acta 72 (1999) 23-32
[J88] JFR Archilla, RS MacKay, JL Marin, Discrete breathers and Anderson modes: two faces of the same phenomenon?, Physica D 134 (1999) 406-418
[R19] RS MacKay, Review of: Dynamical systems approach to turbulence, by T Bohr, MH Jensen, G Paladin and A Vulpiani, Contemp Phys 40 (1999) 285-6
[J89] RS MacKay, S Slijepcevic, J Stark, Optimal scheduling in a periodic environment, Nonlinearity 13 (2000) 257-297
[R20] RS MacKay, Review of: Renormalization methods, by A.Lesne, Bull Lond Math Soc 32 (2000) 116-7
[J90] RS MacKay, Optic discrete breathers in Euclidean invariant systems, IJ Nonlin Sci and Num Sim 1 (2000) 99-103
[J91] ML Bialy, RS MacKay, Variational properties of a nonlinear elliptic equation and rigidity, Duke Math J 102 (2000) 391-401
[J92] G Gielis, RS MacKay, Coupled map lattices with phase transition, Nonlinearity 13 (2000) 867-888
[J93] RS MacKay, Defects in solids, large molecules and space-structures, Proc Roy Soc Lond A 456 (2000) 1883-95
[J94] X-C Fu, Y Fu, J Duan, RS MacKay, Chaotic properties of subshifts generated by a non-periodic recurrent orbit, Int J Bif Chaos 10 (2000) 1067-73
[J95] C Chandre, RS MacKay, Approximate renormalization with codimension-one fixed point for the breakup of some three-frequency tori, Phys Lett A 275 (2000) 394-400
[J96] RS MacKay, Discrete Breathers: classical and quantum, Physica A 288 (2000) 174-198
[J97] SV Bolotin, RS MacKay, Periodic and chaotic trajectories of the second species for the $n$-centre problem, Cel Mech Dyn Astron 77 (2000) 49-75
[R21] RS MacKay, Review of: Nonlinear Science, by A Scott, SIAM Review 42 (2000) 352-4
[C29] RS MacKay, Quantum breathers, in: ISIS 2000 (CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory), Experimental Report 10545
[J98] RS MacKay, Complicated dynamics from simple topological hypotheses, Phil Trans Roy Soc Lond A 359 (2001) 1479-96
[J99] T Ahn, RS MacKay, J-A Sepulchre, Dynamics of relative phases and generalised multibreathers, Nonlinear Dynamics 25 (2001) 157-82
[J100] RS MacKay, J-A Sepulchre, Effective Hamiltonian for travelling discrete breathers, J Phys A 35 (2002) 3985-4002
[C30] RS MacKay, Many-body quantum mechanics, in: Nonlinear dynamics and chaos: where do we go from here?, eds J Hogan, A Champneys, B Krauskopf, M di Bernardo, M Homer, E Wilson, H Osinga (IOPP, 2002)
[R22] RS MacKay, Review of: Linear elastic waves by JG Harris, Contemp Phys 44 (2003) 172
[J101] TJ Hunt, RS MacKay, Anosov parameter values for the triple linkage and a physical system with a uniformly chaotic attractor, Nonlinearity 16 (2003) 1499-1510: dvi for text only, or ps including figures (6.7MB)
[B4] L Vazquez, RS MacKay, M-P Zorzano (eds), Localization and energy transfer in nonlinear systems, World Sci, 2003
[C31] SV Bolotin, RS MacKay, Isochronous potentials, in: ``Localization and energy transfer in nonlinear systems'', eds L Vazquez, RS MacKay, M-P Zorzano (World Sci, 2003), 217-224
[C32] NR Catarino, RS MacKay, Quantum statistical mechanics of Frenkel-Kontorova models, in: ``Localization and energy transfer in nonlinear systems'', eds L Vazquez, RS MacKay, M-P Zorzano (World Sci, 2003), 315-319
[J102] Z Bishnani, RS MacKay, Safety criteria for aperiodically forced dynamical systems, Dyn Sys 18 (2003) 107-129
[J103] C Baesens, RS MacKay, A novel preserved partial order for cooperative networks of units with overdamped second order dynamics, and application to tilted Frenkel-Kontorova chains, Nonlinearity 17 (2004) 567--580
[B5] T Dauxois, A Litvak-Hinenzon, RS MacKay, A Spanoudaki (eds), Energy Localisation and Transfer (World Sci, 2004)
[C33] RS MacKay, Slow Manifolds, in ``Energy Localisation and Transfer'', eds T Dauxois, A Litvak-Hinenzon, RS MacKay, A Spanoudaki (World Sci, 2004), 149--192
[J104] M Bialy, RS MacKay, Symplectic twist maps without conjugate points, Israel J Math 141 (2004) 235--248
[J105] A Berger, RS MacKay, VM Rothos, A criterion for non-persistence of travelling breathers for perturbations of the Ablowitz-Ladik lattice, Discrete Conts Dyn Sys B 4 (2004) 911--920
[J106] N Theodorakopoulos, M Peyrard, RS MacKay, Nonlinear structures and thermodynamic instabilities in a one-dimensional lattice system, Phys Rev Lett 93 (2004) 258101
[J107] V Koukouloyannis, RS MacKay, Existence and stability of 3-site breathers in a triangular lattice, J Phys A 38 (2005) 1021--30
[C34] RS MacKay, Chaos in three physical systems, in: Equadiff 2003, eds Durmortier F et al (World Sci, 2005) 59--72 (includes a section on Ergodic Pumping); dvi (without pictures), ps (with about 8MB pictures).
[C35] RS MacKay, Indecomposable coupled map lattices with non-unique phase, in: Dynamics of Coupled map lattices and of related spatially extended systems, eds J-R Chazottes, B Fernandez (Springer, 2005) 65--94
[R23] RS MacKay, Review of H Kantz and T Schreiber, Nonlinear Time series Analysis 2nd ed, Contemp Phys 46 (2005) 152--3
[J108] NR Catarino, RS MacKay, Renormalization and quantum scaling of Frenkel-Kontorova models, J Stat Phys 121 (2005) 995--1014
[B6] T Dauxois, RS MacKay, GP Tsironis (eds), Special issue on Nonlinear Physics: condensed matter, dynamical systems and biological physics, Physica D 216 (2006) 1--246
[J109] C Baesens, RS MacKay, Discommensuration theory for Frenkel-Kontorova models and shadowing, Physica D 216 (2006) 179--84
[J110] RS MacKay, DJC MacKay, Ergodic pumping: a mechanism to drive biomolecular conformation changes, Physica D 216 (2006) 220--34
[J111] S Bolotin, RS MacKay, Non-planar second species periodic and chaotic trajectories for the circular restricted three-body problem, Cel Mech Dyn Astron 94 (2006) 433--449
[J112] D Pinheiro, RS MacKay, Interaction of two charges in a uniform magnetic field: I planar case, Nonlinearity 19 (2006) 1713--45
[J113] RS MacKay, Cerbelli and Giona's map is pseudo-Anosov and nine consequences, J Nonlin Sci 16 (2006) 415--34

Accepted for publication

RS MacKay, Review of W.Greiner, Classical mechanics: systems of particles and Hamiltonian dynamics, for Contemp Phys

Preprints and Other Documents

RS MacKay, Ergodic pumping: a proposed mechanism for the power stroke of myosin, abstract for workshop on Biomolecular Dynamics and Force Generation, Manchester, 4-6 Sept 2003
RS MacKay, Supplement to "Chaos in three physical systems, Section 3: Ergodic pumping"
RS MacKay, 12 Mathematics lessons from the Triple Linkage: a chaos machine, poster presented at the opening of the University of Warwick's new Mathematical Sciences building, 12 June 2004