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On this page you will find links to notes written by other people, on topics of interest to myself.

Other People's Notes:

Elliptic Curves:

Introduction to Elliptic Curves I - Charlap/Robbins
Introduction to Elliptic Curves II - Charlap/Robbins
Elliptic Curve Handbook - Connell
Elliptic Curves (GraNT Seminar)
Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication - Rubin

Iwasawa Theory:

Iwasawa Theory : Past and Present - Greenberg
Iwasawa Theory of Elliptic Curves - Greenberg
Classical Iwasawa Theory - Jansen (hosted locally)

Abelian Varieties:

Abelian Varieties - Milne

Abstract Algebra:

Group Theory - Milne
Galois Theory - Milne
Introduction to Commutative Algebra - Fesenko
Homological Algebra - Fesenko
Group Theory - Wilkins
Galois Theory - Wilkins
Abstract Algebra - Ash
Abstract and Linear Algebra - Connell
Graduate Algebra - Lady
Introduction to Abstract Algebra - Garrett
Classical Groups - Cameron
Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory - Weibel

Algebraic Geometry:

Algebraic Geometry - Milne
Etale Cohomology - Milne
Algebraic Geometry - Dolgachev
Sheaf Cohomology and Algebraic Curves - Hartshorne

Algebraic Number Theory:

Algebraic Number Theory, Algebraic Semigroups, Quadratic Forms, Algebraic K-theory - Hoffman
Algebraic Number Theory - Milne
Class Field Theory - Milne
Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory - Fesenko
Local Fields - Fesenko
Algebraic Number Theory - Ash
Algebraic Number Theory - Chapman
P-adics, Adeles, Tate's Thesis - Miller
Algebraic Number Theory (GraNT Seminar)

Modular Forms:

Modular Functions and Modular Forms - Milne
Modular Forms - Ribet
Modular Form - Dolgachev


Theory Surrounding the Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem - Boston

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