Algebraic Number Theory

Welcome to algebraic number theory for 2008. Here you will find assignments, tutorials, and eventually solutions to the assignment questions for download.


The Pari program which I mentioned can be downloaded here:

Pari/GP Central

The notes from a past lecture, including a Pari program script I used is here.

Here's the Pari script for the talk I gave on Pari in week 3.

Solutions to Past Exam

Past exams for this subject are available from the library. The solutions to one of these is online here. The solutions from last year's exam are also now on mathstuff. Please ignore questions on the past exams which were not covered in our course as they will not be examined.


Always due Monday by 4pm.

Week 3 Assignment - Due Mon 21/1/08. Week 3 Solutions.
Week 4 Assignment - Due Mon 28/1/08. Week 4 Solutions.
Week 5 Assignment - Due Mon 4/2/08. Week 5 Solutions.
Week 6 Assignment - Due Mon 11/2/08. Week 6 Solutions.
Week 7 Assignment - Due Mon 18/2/08. Week 7 Solutions.
Week 8 Assignment - Due Mon 25/2/08. Week 8 Solutions.
Week 9 Assignment - Due Mon 3/3/08. Week 9 Solutions.
Week 10 Assignment - Due Mon 10/3/08. Week 10 Solutions.
Week 11 Assignment - Not assessed. Week 11 Solutions. (Still needed for the exam!!)

The shortest Pari program of 53 characters, for Week 8 was a four way tie between:

Anna Marie Copley
Amanda Haslam
Nicole Tooze


and Chris Campbell


Well done all four of you!

My solution was:


Extra Reading:

Samir Siksek's course notes can be found online at:

Algebraic Number Theory

Additional Notes:

I can be contacted at hart_wb{at_thingy} but please contact our tutor first, unless the matter is urgent.