Opportunities within the Geometric Analysis group
Mathematics Institute - University of Warwick

We currently have a large and active group in geometric analysis at Warwick. Major funders are, and have been, The Leverhulme Trust, EPSRC, the EU, The China Scholarship Council and the NSF. The group also hosts postdocs and PhD students wishing to come with their own funds, although PhD students are normally required to enrol here. The Mathematics Institute has excellent international links with active seminar and workshop series and around 500 visitors per year.

Contact: Peter Topping at

Postdoctoral positions

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS: We are advertising, with deadline 14 December 2020.
Flexible start date, but we have September 2021 in mind.

PhD positions.

We may offer PhD positions funded by EPSRC starting 1 Oct. of each year. The stipends typically last for 3.5 years.

Supervision is available in diverse areas, including differential geometry, rigorous nonlinear PDE theory and geometric analysis. The geometric analysis group prefers candidates with a good undergraduate training in analysis and/or geometry.

The level of the stipends increases each year. For calibration, in 2016 it was 14,296 GBP per year, tax free.

The successful candidates will be able to devote their whole time to research. There are numerous opportunities to engage in small-group teaching at Warwick, but this is optional and additional payment will be made for this.

Queries about the application process, and department open days, should be directed to the mathematics postgraduate admissions coordinator: postgrad@maths.warwick.ac.uk

Candidates are encouraged to apply, or make an expression of interest, as early in the academic year as possible. The awards may be made at any time. Most often, applications arrive the autumn before the position starts, and decisions are made in the spring.

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All information on this page is given in good faith, but the official offers are definitive.