Postdocs, PhD students and visitors 2021

Funders this year include EPSRC (UK) and the China scholarship council.

Further information from Peter Topping at

Postdoctoral fellows and long-term visitors

  • Man Chun Lee (PhD CUHK)
  • Xiaolan Nie (visiting from Zhejiang Normal University)
  • Shengwen Wang (PhD Johns Hopkins)

PhD students

  • Luke Peachey
  • Arjun Sobnack

Other faculty include:

  • Mario Micallef
  • Felix Schulze

My previous PhD students:

  • Neil Course
  • Gregor Giesen
  • Ben Sharp
  • Sebastian Helmensdorfer
  • Michael Coffey
  • Tobias Huxol
  • Andrew McLeod
  • Louis Bonthrone (joint with Weiyi Zhang)

My recent/finishing postdocs and long-term visitors

  • Joerg Enders (PhD Michigan State, left to Max Planck AEI, then Potsdam uni)
  • Fernando Schwartz (PhD Cornell/Stanford, left to Associate Prof. at UT Knoxville)
  • Esther Cabezas-Rivas (PhD Valencia, left to Muenster, then prof. at Frankfurt)
  • Reto Mueller (Phd ETH-Zuerich, left to SNS Pisa, then Imperial, now permanent at Queen Mary, London and Turin)
  • Michael Munn (PhD CUNY, left to CUNY, then U Missouri, then NYU.)
  • Giuseppe Tinaglia (PhD Johns Hopkins, postdocs Stanford, Notre Dame, now permanent at King's college London)
  • Melanie Rupflin (PhD ETH-Zuerich, left to Max-Planck-AEI, Golm, then Leipzig, now permanent at Oxford.)
  • Charles Baker (PhD ANU-Canberra, currently applying postdoc work to image processing for medical scanners in clinical setting)
  • Huy Nguyen (PhD ANU-Canberra, postdoc Max Planck AEI, left to UQ Brisbane, now permanent at Queen Mary Uni London.)
  • Miaomiao Zhu (PhD Max Planck Leipzig, postdoc ETH-Zuerich, left to MPI Leipzig, now Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • Simon Blatt (PhD TU Aachen, previously postdoc ETH-Zuerich, left to Karlsruhe Inst. Tech., now at Uni. Salzburg)
  • Hojoo Lee (PhD KIAS, S. Korea, left to KIAS, now asst professor at Seoul National University)
  • Panagiotis Gianniotis (PhD Stony Brook, left to UCL, and Fields institute, now permanent at Athens)
  • Xiangrong Zhu (left to Zhejiang Normal University)
  • Alix Deruelle (PhD Grenoble, left to Orsay, Paris, now permanent at Paris VI)
  • Magdalena Rodriguez (long-term visitor, now permanent at Granada)
  • Hao Yin (visited from University of Science and Technology of China for 12 months, thanks to the China Scholarship Council)
  • Paul Bryan (PhD Australian National University, Canberra, postdoc UCSD, left to UQ Brisbane, now permanent at Macquarie University, Sydney)
  • Wenshuai Jiang (PhD Peking University, now permanent at Zhejiang University)
  • Kai Zheng (PhD Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, now at Tongji)
  • Norman Zergaenge (PhD Magdeburg, now at Hannover)
  • Lucas Ambrozio (PhD IMPA, left to Princeton IAS, permanent at IMPA from summer 2020)
  • Raphael Hochard (PhD Bordeaux)

My previous masters students (4th year undergraduate project supervisees) and the institution to which they left for their PhD

  • Ronan Conlon -> Imperial
  • Iva Passoni -> IMPA
  • Stuart Hall -> Imperial
  • Ben Wells-Day -> Cambridge
  • Michael Coffey -> Warwick
  • Matthew Schrecker ->Oxford
  • Jonah Duncan -> Oxford
  • James Kohout -> Oxford
  • John Green -> Edinburgh
  • Robert Green (left to finance industry)
  • Manuel Ruivo De Oliveira -> UBC
  • Alex Zhou -> King's College London
  • Patrik Coulibaly -> UBC
  • Sacha Grabner - in progress

We also host a few dozen shorter term visitors each year, generally to give seminars. Details can be found via my home page.