Postdocs, PhD students and visitors 2018

The primary funders of our activity this year are EPSRC (UK) and the EU.

Details of the wider group can be found here.

Further information from Peter Topping at

Postdoctoral fellows and long-term visitors

  • Kai Zheng (PhD Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, postdocs Grenoble, Hannover)
  • Norman Zergaenge (PhD Magdeburg)
  • Lucas Ambrozio (PhD IMPA, postdoc Imperial)
  • Raphael Hochard (PhD Bordeaux)

PhD students

  • Andrew McLeod
  • Louis Bonthrone (joint with Weiyi Zhang)
  • Luke Peachey

Other faculty include:

  • Mario Micallef
  • Andrea Mondino

My previous PhD students:

  • Neil Course
  • Gregor Giesen
  • Ben Sharp
  • Sebastian Helmensdorfer
  • Michael Coffey
  • Tobias Huxol

My recent/finishing postdocs and long-term visitors

  • Joerg Enders (PhD Michigan State, left to Max Planck AEI, now Potsdam uni)
  • Fernando Schwartz (PhD Cornell/Stanford, left to Associate Prof. at UT Knoxville)
  • Esther Cabezas-Rivas (PhD Valencia, left to Muenster, now prof. at Frankfurt)
  • Reto Mueller (Phd ETH-Zuerich, left to SNS Pisa, then Imperial, now permanent at Queen Mary, London)
  • Michael Munn (PhD CUNY, left to CUNY, then U Missouri, then NYU.)
  • Giuseppe Tinaglia (PhD Johns Hopkins, postdocs Stanford, Notre Dame, now permanent at King's college London)
  • Melanie Rupflin (PhD ETH-Zuerich, left to Max-Planck-AEI, Golm, then Leipzig, now permanent at Oxford.)
  • Charles Baker (PhD ANU-Canberra, currently applying postdoc work to image processing for medical scanners in clinical setting)
  • Huy Nguyen (PhD ANU-Canberra, postdoc Max Planck AEI, left to UQ Brisbane, now permanent at Queen Mary Uni London.)
  • Miaomiao Zhu (PhD Max Planck Leipzig, postdoc ETH-Zuerich, left to MPI Leipzig, now Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • Simon Blatt (PhD TU Aachen, previously postdoc ETH-Zuerich, left to Karlsruhe Inst. Tech., now at Uni. Salzburg)
  • Hojoo Lee (PhD KIAS, S. Korea, left to KIAS, now asst professor at Seoul National University)
  • Panagiotis Gianniotis (PhD Stony Brook, left to UCL, and Fields institute, now permanent at Athens)
  • Xiangrong Zhu (left to Zhejiang Normal University)
  • Alix Deruelle (PhD Grenoble, left to Orsay, Paris, now permanent at Paris VI)
  • Magdalena Rodriguez (long-term visitor, now permanent at Granada)
  • Hao Yin (visited from University of Science and Technology of China for 12 months, thanks to the China Scholarship Council)
  • Paul Bryan (PhD Australian National University, Canberra, postdoc UCSD, left to UQ Brisbane, now permanent at Macquarie University, Sydney)
  • Wenshuai Jiang (PhD Peking University, now permanent at Zhejiang University)

We also host a few dozen shorter term visitors each year, generally to give seminars. Details can be found via my home page.