Some well-travelled routes to the University of Warwick

First note that the University of Warwick is closer to Coventry than Warwick.
Your accommodation will probably be in Kenilworth, which is a few miles from the university.

From California, SFO or LAX:
There are many many flights to London LHR every day. From LHR, it is simplest to get a train to Coventry (1.5 - 3 hours?) and then a taxi (10-15 GBP) or bus (X17 etc.) to Kenilworth, or taxi (8 GBP) or bus (U1 or 12) to the University of Warwick.
The train will involve a connecting coach journey to "Reading" or "Watford Junction", or a connecting "Heathrow Express" journey to central London.
Check out: National Rail Enquiries

If for some reason the train doesn't fit your plans, you can try getting a coach to Coventry from LHR. See National Express. This may be a bit quicker on a Sunday, but the times are a bit chaotic. For example, on Sunday 25 March 2007, there are coaches to Coventry at: 7.10, 8.05, 8.40, 10.00, 10.40, 13.30, 14.45, 16.15, 18.05, 19.40, 21.35, 23.30 (from the Heathrow bus station, with slightly different times from the terminals). It takes 2 hours to Coventry.

From Newark EWR:
You are best off flying direct on Continental to Birmingham BHX (7 hours evening flight to UK, morning flight back to USA - about 700-800 USD) and then getting a taxi to Kenilworth (15 minutes, 25 GBP approx)

Another option - good if you want to hang out in London before/after, or save money - is to fly to London LHR, but this adds to the ground transport (see above).

From major European cities (and sunny holiday destinations): You can normally fly quickly and cheaply direct to Birmingham BHX (then taxi as above). You might be able to fly to Coventry from Paris, Grenoble, Barcelona etc. Coventry airport is even closer than BHX, but there are far fewer flights. (Google "Coventry airport".) Otherwise London LHR is an option as above.

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