Notes and slides

Notes on braid groups
Graduate seminar, Warwick, Spring 1998.
The bits between the bits
Error-correcting codes, sphere packings, lattices and sporadic simple groups.
Graduate seminar, Warwick, 27 November 1998.
Cutting and pasting
Surgery on 3-manifolds.
Graduate seminar, Warwick, 23 June 2000.
Twist-spun knots
Twist-spun knots, quandle cohomology and cocycle state-sum invariants (qv arXiv:math.GT/9903135).
Graduate seminar, Warwick, 26 June 2001.
Homological algebra for the MTV generation
A five-minute precis of my PhD research.
Graduate seminar, Warwick, 1 November 2001.
Cohomology of racks and quandles (or 'You say you want a resolution')
Splinter group talk, 54th British Mathematical Colloquium, Warwick, 9 April 2002.
What I did on my holidays (or 'A cautionary tale for graduate students')
Graduand seminar, Warwick, 13 July 2004.
Homology of racks and quandles
Algebra seminar, Warwick, 20 January 2006.
The Mathematics of Knots
Talk, Orbital 2008 (Eastercon 2008), Radisson Non-Euclidean, Heathrow, 24 March 2008
The Poincaré Conjecture
Talk, LX 2009 (Eastercon 2009), Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, 10 April 2009
The Geometry Of The Place Was All Wrong
Talk, Odyssey 2010 (Eastercon 2010), Radisson Non-Euclidean, Heathrow, 3 April 2010
Colloquium, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, 30 June 2010
The Bits Between The Bits
Talk, Illustrious 2011 (Eastercon 2011), Hilton Metropole, Birmingham, 24 April 2011
Unsolvable Problems in Mathematics
Talk, Olympus 2012 (Eastercon 2012), Radisson Non-Euclidean, Heathrow, 7 April 2012
Pure and Applied Mathematics
Talk, EightSquaredCon 2013 (Eastercon 2013), Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, 1 April 2013
The Millennium Prize Problems
Panel discussion, EightSquaredCon 2013 (Eastercon 2013), Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, 1 April 2013
(With Susan Stepney and Michael Abbott)
Categorification and TQFTs
Talk, Warwick Mathematics Society, 19 November 2013
Networks and Small Worlds
Talk, Satellite 4 (Eastercon 2014), Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow, 21 April 2014