Instructional Workshop
Surfaces: Geometry and Arithmetic

Monday 14 April--Friday 18 April

at the

Mathematics Research Centre, University of Warwick, UK


Martin Bright, Ronald van Luijk, Samir Siksek, Damiano Testa


There will be three instructional lectures every morning. In the afternoon the participants will have the opportunity to work on exercises in groups.

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Prerequisites. Some familiarity with basic algebraic and arithmetic geometry is assumed, at the level of the first two chapters of Silverman's book "Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves".

Preliminary Reading. Participants may find it helpful to work through the first few chapters of "Chapters on Algebraic Surfaces" by Miles Reid (available online). Preliminary reading on group cohomology will also be useful, a good reference is chapter 2 of Milne's notes on Class Field Theory.

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Particpants from universities belonging to the GTEM network might be able to obtain travel and accommodation expenses from GTEM; please contact your local scientist-in-charge.

This event is part of the April–June Active Period in Arithmetic Geometry and the 2007–2008 Warwick EPSRC Symposium on Algebraic Geometry

Samir Siksek