Samir Siksek  

Samir Siksek

Professor at the Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick.

Email: firstname dot lastname at

Postal Address:
Mathematics Institute
University of Warwick
United Kingdom



Research Area:

Galois representations, modularity, explicit arithmetic geometry, arithmetic of curves and surfaces, Diophantine equations (and the generalized Fermat equation in particular), Waring's problem.

Survey Articles and Expository Papers:

  1. (with Khawaja) The modular approach to Diophantine equations over totally real fields on arXiv
  2. Sums of integer cubes, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (2021), No. 16, paper.
  3. (with Ozman) S-unit equations and the asymptotic Fermat conjecture over number fields, on arXiv
  4. (with Bennett and Mihailescu) The Generalized Fermat Equation, pages 173-205 of Open Problems in Mathematics, (J. F. Nash, Jr. and M. Th. Rassias eds), Springer, New York, 2016.   pdf
  5. Chabauty and the Mordell-Weil Sieve , pages 194-224 of Advances on Superelliptic Curves and Their Applications, (L. Beshaj, T. Shaska, E. Zhupa eds), IOS Press, 2015.   pdf
  6. The Modular Approach to Diophantine Equations, in Explicit Methods in Number Theory: Rational Points and Diophantine Equations , (Belabas, Lenstra, Gaudry, Stoll, Watkins, McCallum, Poonen, Beukers, Siksek), Panoramas et synthèses 36 (2012). link   pdf
  7. Diophantine equations after Fermat's Last Theorem, Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux 21 (2009), no. 2, 425--436.  pdf

Publications:  (these may differ from final versions)

  1. (with Khawaja) A single source theorem for primitive points on curves on arXiv
  2. (with Nowroozi) Perfect powers in elliptic divisibility sequences on arXiv
  3. (with Khawaja) Primitive algebraic points on curves on arXiv
  4. (with Visser) Curves with few bad primes over cyclotomic \( \mathbb{Z}_\ell \)-extensions, to appear in Algebra & Number Theory, on arXiv
  5. (with Gherga) Efficient resolution of Thue-Mahler equations on arXiv
  6. (with Bennett and Michaud-Jacobs) \( \mathbb{Q} \)-curves and the Lebesgue-Nagell equation, Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux 35 (2023), 335-370. on arXiv
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  8. (with Bennett) Differences between perfect powers : the Lebesgue-Nagell Equation , Transactions of the AMS 376 (2023), 225-370. on arXiv
  9. Integral points on punctured abelian varieties, European Journal of Mathematics 8 (2022), 687-703. on arXiv
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Some of my talks:

  1. S-units and curves with few bad primes over cyclotomic Z_l-extensions video
  2. The Fermat Equation and the Unit Equation video
  3. Integral points on punctured curves and punctured abelian varieties video, slides
  4. On the Generalized Fermat Equation \( x^{2\ell}+y^{2m}=z^p\), Schney, June 2015. pdf
  5. Sums of Seven Cubes, Oberwolfach, Simon Fraser University, Oxford, ..., 2015. pdf
  6. Elliptic Curves over Totally Real Fields are Modular, (many versions of this talk given, 2013-2015). pdf
  7. The Fermat Equation over Totally Real Fields, Building Bridges, Bristol, March 2014. pdf
  8. The Fermat Equation over Totally Real Fields (version intended for a broad audience), Maringa, July 2014. pdf
  9. Chabauty over Number Fields Leiden, 20 April 2009. pdf (scan)
  10. Integral Points on Curves of Higher Genus (a more up-to-date version) MAGIC-Muggle Number Theory Seminar, 7 November 2008. pdf (scan)
  11. Integral Points on Curves of Higher Genus Bordeaux, 15 October 2007. pdf (scan)
  12. Chabauty for Symmetric Powers on Curves Banff, 7 February 2007. pdf (scan)
  13. Chabauty for Symmetric Powers on Curves (a version of the above talk aimed at those new to Chabauty) Rome, 13 April 2007. pdf (scan)
  14. Computing a lower bound for the canonical height on elliptic curves, ANTS VII conference, Berlin, 24 July 2006. pdf (scan)
  15. The Lebesgue-Nagell-Ramanujan equation, University of Warwick, 24 August 2005. pdf (scan)
  16. Functions, reciprocity and the obstruction to divisors on curves, Bremen and Oberwolfach, July 2005. pdf (scan)
  17. Beyond Fermat's Last Theorem, University of Warwick, January 2005. pdf (scan)
  18. A multi-exponential diophantine spree, Institute Henri Poincare, Paris, December 2004. pdf (scan)
  19. Giving Baker's Theory a modular helping hand, Dagstuhl, Germany, May 2004. pdf (scan)

Events I'm involved in organizing:

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