Codimension 4 Gorenstein

This website accompanies my paper
   Gorenstein in codimension 4 - the general structure theory, 30 pp.
Algebraic Geometry in East Asia (Taipei Nov 2011), Advanced Studies in
Pure Mathematics 65 (2015) pp. 201-227, preprint arXiv:1304.5248, 30 pp.

Slides for MSRI lecture Apr 2013.

Magma scripts:

Magma code for Section 2.3, Example 3.
baby Magma code for calculation of 3.2.
Nonsingularity calculations for ZZ/3 Godeaux surfaces and
related varieties.
Magma code for Fun2 and MSRI lecture

Related papers and preprints:

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Notes, 9 pp.

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    See also notes in progress Tutorial on T and J

Stavros Papadakis and Miles Reid, Kustin--Miller unprojection without complexes,
J. Alg. Geom. 13 (2004) 563--577, preprint arXiv:0011094, 18 pp.


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