2007-08 Warwick EPSRC symposium on Algebraic Geometry

Main organisers: Miles Reid, Alessio Corti (Imperial)
Co-organisers: Gavin Brown (Kent), Gavril Farkas (Austin Texas and Humboldt U Berlin),
Frank Schreyer (Saarbruecken), Samir Siksek (Warwick), Katrin Wendland (Augsburg) and many others

There have been 3 previous Warwick EPSRC symposia devoted to algebraic geometry, in 1970-71
(led by David Mumford) and in 1982-83 and 1995-96 (led by me).  WAG07-08 also follows the Nute
program HDG02.

Parts of this website date back to the time of the grant application to EPSRC.  The dates, and even
the main events themselves are subject to alteration.  Several of the documents here are either preliminary
or out of date, or contain editing scrap. Please let me know if you notice anything that may be
embarassing or offend public morality.

calendar of events   (contains more detailed planning and tentative dates) 

If you are likely to come to any of these events, please register

    Mon 3rd-Fri 7th Sep 2007   School: Explicit construction of moduli and parameter spaces
    Mon 10th-Sat 15th Sep 2007   School: Topics in HD MMP -- an instructional workshop
    Mon 17th-Wed 19th Sep 2007   Workshop: Toric degenerations, tropical geometry and mirror symmetry
    Thu 1st-Tue 6th Nov 2007   Weekend workshop: Introduction to the recent breakthroughs in HD MMP
    Wed 12th-Thu 20th Dec 2007   Conference on Higher dimensional minimal model program
    Mon 7th-Fri 11th Jan 2008   UK-Japan Winter School: Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry
    Thu 7th-Tue 12th Feb 2008   Weekend workshop: Algebraic surfaces and symplectic 4-manifolds
    Thu 13th-Tue 18th Mar 2008   Weekend workshop: Explicit methods for 3-folds
    Mon 24th Mar--Sat 29th Mar 2008   Spring school on the geometry and integrability of TQFT and string theory
    Mon 31st Mar--Sat 5th Apr 2008   Conference: Geometry and topological field theories
    Mon 14th-Fri 18th Apr 2008   School: Surfaces, geometry and arithmetic
    Tue 27th May-Tue 3rd Jun 2008   Workshop: Commutative algebra, complexes and computer algebra
    Mon 16th-Sat 21st Jun 2008   Rational points on curves and HD varieties
    Mon 7th-Fri 11th Jul 2008   Conference on Moduli Spaces
    Mon 21st-Fri 25th Jul 2008   WAG Concluding Conference

case summary
Higher dimensional minimal model program (HD MMP)
Explicit methods in algebraic geometry (XPL)
Geometry of topological quantum field theories (TQFT)
Rational points on curves and higher dimensional varieties (ARITH)
Commutative algebra, complexes and applications of computer algebra (COM)
Moduli spaces (MOD)
Forum on derived categories (DER)

Track record
 (1) Boasting about previous AG programs.
 (2) Short blurb on organisers: Reid, Brown, Corti, Farkas, Schreyer, Siksek, Wendland
EPSRC form
 (1) Objectives.
 (2) Explanation suitable for 14-year old or cabinet minister.
 (3) Beneficiaries.

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