Explicit birational geometry of 3-folds, A. Corti and M. Reid (editors)

CUP, Jun 2000, pp. 349 + v. ISBN: 0 521 63641 8

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Book (title page, table of contents and index)
1. Alessio Corti and Miles Reid:  Preface (20 pp.) source
2. Klaus Altmann: One parameter families containing three dimensional toric Gorenstein singularities (30 pp.)  source
3. J{\'a}nos Koll{\'a}r:  Nonrational covers of CP^m x CP^n (21 pp.) source
4. Aleksandr V. Pukhlikov:  Essentials of the method of maximal singularities (28 pp.) source
5. Alessio Corti, Alexandr Pukhlikov and Miles Reid:  Fano 3-fold hypersurfaces (84 pp.)  source
6. A. R. Iano-Fletcher:  Working with weighted complete intersections (73 pp.)  source
7. Alessio Corti:  Singularities of linear systems and 3-fold birational geometry (58 pp.) source
8. Miles Reid:  25 years of 3-folds, an old person's view (31 pp.) source