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McKay correspondence, mutations and related topics, lectures available on YouTube

A-HilbA4 and the (1,2)-symmetric project

See this link for a treatment of A-HilbA4 in Magma computer algebra, and for the
current status of the (1,2)-symmetric groups.

Links to papers on McKay correspondence

Tom Bridgeland, Alastair King and Miles Reid, Mukai implies McKay: the McKay
correspondence as an equivalence of derived categories, J. Amer. Math. Soc. 14
(2001) 535--554, preprint math.AG/9908027, 27 pp. ps file

Alastair Craw, The McKay correspondence and representations of the McKay quiver,
Warwick Ph.D. thesis (Mar 2001), xvi + 123 pp. ps file

Alastair Craw and Akira Ishii, Flops of G-Hilb and equivalences of derived categories by
variation of GIT quotient, math.AG/0211360

Alastair Craw and Miles Reid, How to calculate A-Hilb C^3, in Ecole d'ete sur les varietes
toriques (Grenoble, 2000), collection Seminaires et Congres, SMF 2001, preprint
math.AG/9909085 32 pp., pdf file

Yasushi Gomi, Iku Nakamura, Ken-ichi Shinoda, Hilbert schemes of G-orbits in dimension
three, Asian Journal of Mathematics, 4 (2000) 51-70 ps file

Mark Haiman, Vanishing theorems and character formulas for the Hilbert scheme of
points in the plane ps file

Akira Ishii, Representation moduli of the McKay quiver for finite abelian subgroups
of SL(3, C), in Strings and geometry, 227-237, Clay Math. Proc., 3, AMS 2004

Yukari Ito and Iku Nakamura, McKay correspondence and Hilbert schemes, Proc.
Japan Acad. 72A (1996) 135--138

Yukari Ito and Iku Nakamura, Hilbert schemes and simple singularities, in New trends in
Algebraic Geometry (Warwick, Jun 1996), K. Hulek and others Eds., CUP (1999),
151--233 ps file, pdf file

Yukari Ito and Hiraku Nakajima, McKay correspondence and Hilbert schemes in
dimension three, Topology 39 (2000) 1155-1191 pdf file

Yukari Ito and Miles Reid, The McKay correspondence for finite subgroups of SL(3, C),
in Higher dimensional complex varieties (Trento, Jun 1994), M. Andreatta and others
Eds., de Gruyter, 1996, 221--240; preprint alg-geom/9411010 ps file

Iku Nakamura, Hilbert schemes of abelian group orbits, to appear in Journal of
Algebraic Geometry ps file

Rebecca Leng, The McKay Correspondence and Orbifold Riemann-Roch , pp. 134 + xii
Warwick Ph.D. thesis (Aug 2002), xii + 134 pp.

Miles Reid, McKay correspondence, in Proc. of algebraic geometry symposium (Kinosaki,
Nov 1996), T. Katsura (Ed.), 14--41, Duke file server alg-geom/9702016, 30 pp.,
rejected by Geometry and Topology ps file

Miles Reid, La correspondance de McKay, S\'eminaire Bourbaki, 52\`eme ann\'ee,
novembre 1999, no. 867, to appear in Ast\'erisque 2000, preprint math.AG/9911165,
20 pp. pdf file

Sarah Davis, Crepant resolutions and A-Hilbert schemes in dimension four, Univ. of
Warwick Ph.D. thesis 2012, 126 pp.

Miles Reid, A-Hilb CC^4, some computations, counter-examples and conjectures,
experimental work in progress, 31 pp. plus, Magma_AH4, Computer algebra

Javier Carrasco, Finite subgroups of SL(2,CC) and SL(3,CC), Undergraduate
project, 68 pp., May 2014

Ed Pearce, Sporadic finite subgroups of SL(3,CC), Undergraduate project
analysing the sporadic groups in SL(3,CC) and their McKay quivers:
presentation slides, spreadsheet tables and Magma files.

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