MA4J8 Commutative Algebra II

Lecture timetable

Tue 11:00 MS.05 from Tue 4th Oct 2022
Thu 9:00 B3.03
Fri 15:00 A1.01
Support class Thu 16:00 in B1.01 from Thu 13th Oct 2022
Teaching assistant Patience Ablett

First draft of lecture notes

Week6   Lecture 17 Part I   Lecture 17 Part II   Lecture 18 Part I   Lecture 18 Part II

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Last year's notes

The information below refers to the course given in 2021-22.

Plans My initial plans for the course

Lect 1 What is commutative algebra? [Sorry, no lecture capture.]
Lect 2 Dedekind domain, Existence of primes [Sorry, I forgot to
wear the microphone for first 45 minutes.]
More on DVRs Further discussion and exercises on Discrete valuation rings.
Lect 3 First ideas on Spec A and the Zariski topology
Lect 4-5 Varieties versus Spec A. Chain conditions
Lect 6 Finite length modules. An Artinian ring is Noetherian
Lectures 7-10. Completion and Hensel's Lemma
Lect 12-14 Dimension theory. Graded rings and modules and their Hilbert series
Lect 15-17 Hilbert-Samuel functions and the main theorem of dimension theory
Lect 18-22 Syzygies and regular sequences
Lect 25-29 Ext and depth - preliminary draft

Homework sheets

There will be 4 Assessed worksheets, with submission deadlines 12:00 noon on
   Week 3 Fri 22nd Oct
   Week 5 Fri 12th Nov
   Week 7 Fri 26th Nov
   Week 10 Fri 9th Dec
Example sheet 1    Questions 1,8 and 11 are assessed questions.
Solution to Q10
Example sheet 2
   Assessed questions from Example sheet 2
Example sheet 3
Example sheet 4

Additional resources

Download Marco Schlichting's 2013 notes