MA243 Geometry

Miles Reid <>

Lecture times:

Mon 9:00 in L5
Tue 9:00 in L4
Fri 15:00 in F1.07
No lecture on Fri 18th Oct

Support classes: Tue 12:00 in B3.01
Wed 10:00 in B3.01
The teaching assistants are Michael Selig <>
and Sara Muhvic <>.

Assessed worksheets

Last year's information, currently being updated

There will be 6 or 7 assessed worksheets (worth 15% of the credit),
available here as pdf files, with green printed copies distributed in
the department. Solutions will be published soon after the deadline,
which means that late submissions cannot be accepted.

Set book

The Warwick course MA243 Geometry is based mainly on my book
with Balázs Szendröi Geometry and Topology. Lecture notes, made
up of selected chapters of the final preprint, are available from the
Math Institute front office.