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Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

Royal Society Industrial Fellowship

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Papers from undegraduate years

  1. H. Clement, M. Schepkin, G. Wagner, O. Zaboronsky, On the production of a narrow pi NN resonance in low energy pionic DCX on He isotopes, Phys. Lett. B 337 (1-2) , 43 (1994);
  2. M. Schepkin, O. Zaboronsky, H. Clement, Estimate of d' production in proton-proton collisions, Z. Physik A 345 (4) , 407 (1993).

Applied Mathematics at Warwick.

Programme of 2004 Applied Maths Day Titles and abstracts of the talks for the 2004 Aplied Maths Day Complex Systems and Quantum Theory Forum.

Selected talks

Brunel, March 2004

Cambridge, August 2003

Warwick, June 2003

AUT and Israel scientists.

Departmental Discussion of the proposed AUT boycott of Israel universities Letter to AUT from Israel Inter-Senate Committee AUT Council's decision to boycott two Israel Universities

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