Warwick Turbulence Symposium

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Workshop of WTS Collaborators
Warwick University, 17-19 September 2007
Satellite Workshop on Wave Turbulence
Hull University, 19-21 September 2007
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Organisers Sergei Lukaschuk (The University of Hull)
Sergey Nazarenko (The University of Warwick)
Oleg Zaboronski (The University of Warwick)
Local co-organisers Petr Denissenko The University of Hull)
Lynne Frostick (The University of Hull)
Jason Laurie (The University of Warwick)
Sponsored by EPSRC, Hull Environment Research Institute.
Hosted by the Mathematics Research Centre and MIR@W Programme (Warwick)
and the Department of Engineering (Hull)
"Workshop of WTS collaborators" will be devoted to genuine collaboration activities and, therefore, will have a minimal amount of pre-scheduled talks and maximum time for informal meetings in small groups. The main idea will be to give people a chance to develop or finish joint projects that originated during (or as a result of) participating in one of the WTS events. During the informal meetings people could work on specific problems, e.g. original blackboard and paper pad derivations, doing numerics, analysing literature, writing papers. Basically, we going to allow plenty of time, e.g. all afternoons, where we are not going to force any format and we will just let people collaborate as they would normally do in between of talks. We are just going to give them more time so that they would not have to guiltily skip talks to do their exciting work :)
We ask the potential participants a few lines of summary commenting if they managed to achieve at Warwick what they planned and whether they managed to progress in their research in any other way while being at Warwick. Interested applicants are also asked to outline what joint project do they plan to work on and who could be their collaborator visiting Warwick at that time (permanent Warwick people would of course qualify too).
Hull workshop on "Wave turbulence" will follow immediately after the Warwick workshop, and it is expected that a large part of Warwick participants will follow to Hull. We will try to organize a smooth transition, particularly will make convenient Warwick-Hull travel arrangements. The Hull workshop will allow "users" of wave turbulence approach in classical fluids, astro-fluids and superfluids to exchange ideas in both theoretical and experimental fields. A trip to a large Wave Turbulence experiment at Hull's Total Environmental Simulator facility at "The Deep" will be organized.

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The organizers of this meeting let it be known that no consideration other than scientific dictates the choice of speakers and participants.