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MA3E1 Groups and Representations 2011-2012
by Daan Krammer

  • The examinable material is as follows: Chapters 1-9 of the printed notes.

  • Correction to the printed notes. On page 28 it reads "A representation is said to be irreducible if it is not equivalent to a diagonal sum of two representations of positive dimension." For finite groups this is not our preferred definition (though correct) and for infinite groups it is indeed incorrect. The preferred definition should state: a representation of a group G is irreducible iff it is afforded by a simple CG-module.

  • The in-class test will be on Tuesday 22 November. You can use printed notes, your own notes, indeed anything except electronic gadgets and library books. The material covered is chapters 1-5 inclusive. There will be around 10 short questions (multiple choice or a short calculation) but the answers don't come straight from the lectures. This year's test will be slightly easier than earlier ones:

  • midterm test 2009-2010: pdf.
  • midterm test 2010-2011: pdf.

  • There will be two extra lectures on Friday 11 November and Friday 18 November, 4-5pm, MS.04.

  • Assignment 1: pdf.
  • Assignment 2: pdf.
  • Assignment 3: pdf.
  • Assignment 4: pdf.

  • We follow the following printed notes: pdf. These are also available at a small price at the General Office.

  • exam 2009-2010: pdf.
  • exam 2010-2011: pdf.
  • Solutions to these exams will not be available to students.

  • I will be happy to help with queries of any sort. Just send an email to me or drop by in my office MI-B1.17.

  • There are support classes given by Ben Coles:
    Thursday     5-6     Room TBA.

  • There will be 4 assignments of around 4 exercises, of which a few will be assessed. Please put your solutions into the MA3E1 Groups and Representations box in front of the General Office. Model solutions will not be available to students.

  • There are 30 lecture hours (weeks 15-24):
    Monday     04-05     MS.04     weeks 16-24
    Tuesday     01-02     B3.03     weeks 15-24.
    Thursday     11-12     MS.04     weeks 15-24.

  • The final mark is made from the test (5%), the best three of your assignments (10%) and a 3-hour exam in June (85%).