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MA4F2 Braids Groups 2005-2006 (Reading Module)
by Daan Krammer

  • Handout 1, An example of a computation of a Dehornoy graph: postscript -- pdf. Insert in the printed notes after 15.2.

  • This year we do a reading module on braid groups. You should study the 2004-2005 lecture notes (the exercises refer to these) which are probably still available in the General Office, or you can use the slightly different new version of the lecture notes (05/09/05) if you prefer. Most of the differences between the two versions are described in the errata and hints and more examples: postscript - pdf. If you don't look at the new lecture notes, you may nevertheless like to see its first page because it shows a flow diagram and a brief overview of the module, which are not available in the old notes.

  • I will be happy to help with queries of any sort, which is especially important because this is a reading module. Just send an email to me or pop into my office MI-B1.17. No homework is marked for credit, but I'll be happy to look at your solutions if you want me to.

  • The precise syllabus is as follows: All B-questions from the assignments and everything in the lecture notes, except:
  • 16.19 "Let l_R denote..." and everything after that of section 16;
  • The part of section 17 starting on page 66 "The Möbius function for the BKL positive braids";
  • The exercises in the lecture notes which are not B-questions on assignments;
  • All starred items.
  • Exercise Sheet 1: postscript -- pdf -- Some solutions: postscript -- pdf.
  • Exercise Sheet 2: postscript -- pdf -- Some solutions: postscript -- pdf.
  • Exercise Sheet 3: postscript -- pdf -- Some solutions: postscript -- pdf.
  • Exercise Sheet 4: postscript -- pdf.

  • The mock exam: postscript -- pdf. The 2004-2005 exam: postscript -- pdf.

  • The MathStuff page and the PYDC page for MA4F2 Braid Groups.

  • The marking will be by a 3-hour exam in term 3 (100%).