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MA3D5 Galois Theory 2008-2009
by Daan Krammer

  • I will be happy to help with queries of any sort. Just send an email to me or drop by in my office MI-B1.17.

  • The exact syllabus is: Everything except the last chapter "Radical extensions".

  • This year's midterm test with solutions: pdf (the solution to question 9 has been corrected).

  • Assignment 1: ps - pdf.
  • Assignment 2: ps - pdf.
  • Assignment 3: ps - pdf.
  • Assignment 4: ps - pdf. (The deadline is a Monday, not a Thursday as stated erroneously on the photocopies. Question (4.2)b has been corrected and now says inseparable.)
  • Assignment 5: ps - pdf.

  • Click here to see last year's assignments.

  • Here are my lecture notes for printing out:
        Chapter 1.
        Chapter 2.
        Chapter 3.
        Chapter 4.
        Chapters 5 and 6.
        Chapters 7 and 8.
        Chapter 9   (Chapter 9 "Radical extensions" is not on the syllabus).
        Everything in one file. (13 May 2009). Note that the contents of chapter 8 are now spread over the other chapters. Some numbers may have changed. An index has been added.
        These are also available in the filing cabinet outside the general office. You may also like to look at Miles Reid's lecture notes which are similar and which were used the last couple of years: pdf.

  • Alternative book list: postscript - pdf.

  • There are 30 lecture hours (weeks 15-24):
    Monday     10-11     B3.03     weeks 15-24
    Thursday     11-12     L4     weeks 15-24
    Friday     09-10     MS.05     weeks 15-24.

  • There are support classes given by Andrew Rose (starting in the second week):
    Tuesday     12-01     MA_B3.01
    Thursday     09-10 MA_B3.01.

  • There will be 5 assignments of around 4 exercises, of which a few will be assessed. Please put your solutions into the MA3D5 Galois Theory box in front of the General Office. Many more exercises can be found in the printed notes.

  • There is a test on Monday 23 February 2008. Some questions are multiple choice and other questions have a very short answer. You can bring and use any notes you like. Last year's midterm test with solutions: pdf. This year the test will have fewer exercises than last year but the exercises are of the same sort.

  • The final mark is made from the test (7.5%), the best three of your assignments (7.5%) and a 3-hour exam in June (85%).

  • 2006 exam: pdf - solutions to the 2006 exam: pdf.
  • 2007 exam: pdf - solutions to the 2007 exam: pdf.
  • 2008 exam: pdf - solutions to the 2008 exam: pdf.

  • The MathStuff page and the PYDC page for MA3D5 Galois Theory.