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MA251 Algebra 1: Advanced Linear Algebra 2017-2018
by Daan Krammer

  • I will be happy to help with queries of any sort. Just send an email to me or drop by in my office MI-B1.17.

  • Our lecture notes: pdf. We will follow these rather closely. They are also available in the General Office at a small price.

  • There are 5 assignments. The deadlines are 3pm on Mondays of weeks 4,5,7,9,10.

  • Assignment 1: pdf.
  • Assignment 2: pdf. Questions 3 and 1(ii) and 1(iii) will be cancelled because we're not yet ready for it.

  • This year's assignments will be hardly different from last year's:
  • Last year's assignment 1: pdf. Question 3(iii) will be different this year because of a mistake.
  • Last year's assignment 2: pdf.
  • Last year's assignment 3: pdf.
  • Last year's assignment 4: pdf.
  • Last year's assignment 5: pdf.

  • There are ~30 lecture hours (weeks 01-10):
    Tuesday     01-02     MS.02     weeks 01-10
    Thursday     01-02     MS.02     weeks 01-10
    Friday     01-02     MS.02     weeks 01-10

  • If you're a maths student your supervisor will help you with your homework and mark it. If you're a nonmaths student this will be done in one of the support classes. There are 2 support classes every week but the first:
    Thursday     05-06     B3.03     weeks 01-10
    Friday     10-11     R0.12     weeks 01-10

  • The final mark is made from the best 4 out of 5 assignments (15%) and a 3-hour exam in April (85%).