Handbook of Utility Theory, Vol. 2

List of Chapters

Chapter 14 - Alternatives to Expected Utility: Foundations

Robert Sugden

Chapter 15 - Alternatives to Expected Utility: Formal Theories

Ulrich Schmidt

Chapter 16 - State-Dependent Utility and Decision Theory

Jacques Drèze and Aldo Rustichini

Chapter 17 - Ranking Sets of Objects

Salvador Barberà, Walter Bossert, and Prasanta Pattanaik
Chapter 18 - Expected Utility in Non-Cooperative Game Theory
Peter Hammond

Chapter 19 - Utility Theories in Cooperative Games

Mamoru Kaneko and Myrna Wooders

Chapter 20 - Utility in Social Choice

Walter Bossert and John Weymark

Chapter 21 - Interpersonally Comparable Utility

Marc Fleurbaey and Peter Hammond

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