Handbook of Utility Theory, Vol. I

List of Chapters

Chapter 1 - Preference and Utility

Ghanshyam B. Mehta

Chapter 2 - Separability: A Survey

Charles Blackorby, Daniel Primont and R. Robert Russell

Chapter 3 - Recursive Utility and Dynamic Programming

Peter A. Streufert

Chapter 4 - Dual Approaches to Utility

Martin Browning

Chapter 5 - Objective Expected Utility: A Consequentialist Perspective

Peter J. Hammond

Chapter 6 - Subjective Expected Utility

Peter J. Hammond

Chapter 7 - Stochastic Utility

Peter C. Fishburn

Chapter 8 - Fuzzy Utility

Maurice Salles

Chapter 9 - Lexicographic Utility and Orderings

Juan E. Martínez-Legaz

Chapter 10 - Utility Theory and Ethics

Philippe Mongin and Claude d'Aspremont

Chapter 11 - Measures of Economic Welfare

Michael Ahlheim

Chapter 12 - Changing Utility Functions

Hersh Shefrin

Chapter 13 - Causal Decision Theory

James M. Joyce and Allan Gibbard

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