Peter J. Hammond

Further Mathematics for Economic Analysis

The second edition of this textbook was published in 2008 by Pearson Education in the UK. (The first edition appeared in 2005.) It is intended to follow Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis, 3rd. edition (with Knut Sydsæter). It is co-authored with Knut Sydsæter, Atle Seierstad, and Arne Strøm. For more information, see Knut's "bookshelf" and the publisher's site Pearson.
Other possible sources for internet orders include Blackwells (Oxford) or internetbookshop (A division of W.H. Smith --- a large UK chain of bookshops).
The ISBN (best for a precise search) is 9780273713289; alternatively look for books by author sydsaeter (anglicized spelling).

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