ERC grant: 'Spanning subgraphs in graphs'

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This project studies spanning subgraphs in random graphs and in coloured graphs, along with related projects. As well as funding the research of the PI, Richard Montgomery, it has funded postdoctoral researchers Matías Pavez-Signé (08/21-09/23), Candida Bowtell (08/21-), Barnabás Janzer (06/23-09/23), Debsoumya Chakraborti (10/23-) and Natalie Behague (11/23-).

This is funded by an ERC starting grant under European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 947978). The ERC website for this project can be found here.

Workshop at the University of Warwick, 24th-28th July 2023

Related papers:
Universality for transversal Hamilton cycles by Bowtell, Morris, Pehova and Staden.
Spanning trees in pseudorandom graphs via sorting networks by Hyde, Morrison, Müyesser and Pavez-Signé (to appear).
Cycles in bipartite Hamiltonian graphs by Letzter, Montgomery, Pokrovskiy and Skokan (to appear).