MA 426 Elliptic curves

This directory contains information for the course MA 426 on Elliptic curves, that I gave as
a lecture course in 1999, 2000, as a reading course in 2001-2004, and that Samir Siksek is
offering in 2005. The 45 page handout (5) contains the syllabus of the course, and indications
of where to find the remaining material, almost all of which is covered in several textbooks.
The student should find appropriate places to read it up, based on the indications given here.
The syllabus is no substitute for reading the textbooks and doing the exercises.

(1) PYDC entry
(2) Aims and objectives (text file)
(3) RUready sheet? (pdf file. You should be able to download it directly to a printer)
(4) Book list -- see PYDC entry (1) and the bibliography in (5)
(5) Detailed syllabus (pdf file, 44 pp.)
(6) Assignment sheets (pdf file)
(7) Exams (postscript files): 2000   2001   2002   2001 MSc