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Math Inst., Univ. of Warwick  home tel: +44 (0) 1926 (Kenilworth) 857929
Coventry CV4 7AL, England            Math Inst. Fax: +44 (0) 24 76524182
e-mail: Miles.Reid@Warwick.Ac.UK

Personal: CV, obituary, list of works, where I'll be and medical update as
text files. Mugshot, 60 Miles, Chinese name, Nayo, Tiger, Ryuko, Saki,
Wolf, Ingwe_at_Amsterdam_Zoo

MRC: I served for 10 years 2004-2014 as director of the Warwick
Mathematics Research Centre. I have run four Warwick EPSRC Symposia
on algebraic geometry and related topics since 1982.

KIAS Scholar: I was Scholar (visiting professor) for 6 years 2012-2018 at
KIAS. From Jan 2009 to Aug 2012, I was Distinguished Professor at
Sogang University, Seoul under World Class University project
R33-2008-000-10101-0 of the Korean Ministry of Education, Science
and Technology. My Seoul lecture courses are available on video.

COW and its Calf, London Top & Geom seminar and Warwick alg geom seminar.
3CinG Jubilee conference

Books Edited: 1995 EuroConference book "Recent trends in algebraic geometry"
edited by Klaus Hulek and others, CUP 1999
3-folds at Warwick book "Explicit birational geometry of 3-folds" edited by
A. Corti and M. Reid, CUP 2000
HPFSD75 "Number theory and algebraic geometry -- to Peter Swinnerton-Dyer on
his 75th birthday" edited by M. Reid and Alexei Skorobogatov, CUP 2003

Algebraic geometry links: Surfaces, 3-folds, McKay correspondence, Homework,
Diptychs, Ice cream, Gorenstein in codimension 4, 2009 MSRI final lecture
as text file and video link, Tate-Oort group scheme TO_p,

Undergraduate and Master's teaching at Warwick: MA243 Geometry (based on book
Geometry and Topology with Balázs Szendröi), MA3D5 Galois theory,
MA3E1 Groups and representations, MA4A5 Algebraic geometry,
MA4L7 Algebraic curves, MA4K9 Projects (not updated),
MA426 Elliptic curves, MA505 Algebraic geometry MSc course,
MA613 McKay correspondence,
MA940 Coherent sheaves and cohomology (video lectures in 2021)
MA9M6 Topics in Algebraic Geometry, or Course description
From Oct 2024: MA951 Graduate Algebra (PhD module)
From Jan 2025: MA4J8 Commutative Algebra II

Former PhD students:
Selma Altınok, Rebecca Barlow, Gavin Brown, Anita Buckley (student of Balázs
, Mirel Caibar, Stephen Coughlan, Alastair Craw, Alice Cuzzucoli,
Sarah Davis, Eduardo Dias, Duncan Dicks, Tom Ducat, Vladimir Eremichev,
Enrico Fatighenti, Jonathan Fine, Juan Garza, Umar Hayat, Anthony Iano-Fletcher,
Sohail Iqbal, JUNG Seung-Jo, Ed Kutas, Becky Leng, Margarida Mendes Lopes,
Sara Muhvic, Alvaro Nolla de Celis, Jorge Neves, Stavros Papadakis, Dan Ryder,
SANO Taro, Michael Selig, Nick Shepherd-Barron, Elisa Tenni, ZHOU Shengtian

Collected Sermons (mostly on U of Warwick exams)

Juvenilia: Knitting patterns for the Klein bottle and Boy's surface (scanned pdf file, 2.4MB) MB)