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Coalescence Wetting Flow through Porous Media Bubble Formation Pinch Off Wetting

About Me
I am an Associate Professor in the Mathematics Institute at the University of Warwick. My email is J.E.Sprittles@warwick.ac.uk
Our recent work 'Droplet coalescence is initiated by thermal motion' has been published in Physical Review Letters, featuring as a Physics Synopsis.

Opportunities to join our group
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Teaching - 3rd Year Fluid Dynamics MA3D1
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I study the mathematical modelling and computational simulation of technologically-relevant interfacial flows, which are particularly relevant in the emerging fields of nano- and microfluidics.

Recently, I have become increasingly interested in the microscopic aspects of such flows, as part of the Micro and Nano Flow for Engineering group.

Experimental analysis of such phenomena are complex due to the small spatio-temporal scales of interest so that mathematical modelling and simulation are invaluable tools with which to understand such flows.

Some simulations from this work can be found on my YouTube Channel.