Computational algebraic geometry workshop: Loughborough, 8-10 September 2010

Details on the workshop webpage or an abbreviated poster with the schedule.

Participants and speakers include: John Cannon, Stephen Coughlan, Andreas-Stephan Elsenshans, Shabnam Kadir, Alexander Kasprzyk, Michael Kerber, Dmitrijs Sakovics, Niels Lubbes, Josef Schicho.

Workshop on birational geometry and the graded ring database: Kent, 22 September 2005

A workshop in the IMSAS at the University of Kent at Canterbury on mathematics related to the graded ring website.

Topics include: Calabi-Yau and Fano 3-folds in codimension 4, Tom & Jerry unprojections, graded rings for orbifolds with isolated quotient singularities, computer tutorials on the use and meaning of the website.

Participants and speakers include: Gavin Brown, Alessio Corti, Stephen Coughlan, Peter Fleischmann, Al Kasprzyk, Michael Kerber, Andrew Kresch, Miles Reid, Jim Shank, Balazs Szendroi, Francesco Zucconi.

Magma workshop 2005: Warwick, 22 — 26 August 2005

This was a workshop at Warwick Mathematics Research Centre on group theory and arithmetic and algebraic geometry in the context of the computer algebra system Magma. Details are on the webpage with notes of many talks posted here.

Magma conference 2004: Paris, 4 — 8 October 2004

This was a conference at the IHP in Paris. The main subjects were algebraic geometry and number theory with Magma. Details are on the conference webpage.