Dob: 26.3.46

Emeritus Professor of Sociology,
Department of Sociology,
University of Warwick,
Coventry, CV4 7AL,

Home Telephone:          +44-(0)2476-679632
Mobile:                         +44-(0)7713-864427





Doctoral Students


Funded Research



October 1994-September 2009 Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick.

October 1991-September 1994 Reader, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick.

October 1981-September 1991 (Chair of Department 1982-5). Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick.

October 1972-September 1981. Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick.

October 1971-September 1972. Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Essex.

October 1970-September 1971. Part-time Sociology Tutor, Department of Sociology, University of Essex./Open University Course Tutor.

October 1967-September 1968.  Assistant Lecturer, Department of Political Economy, University College, London.

June-July 1967.  Advisory Mission to Oilfield Workers' Trade Union of Trinidad.

With Dr Charles Feinstein, I prepared the Union side of a case in the Industrial Court concerning the retrenchment of 1500 workers by BP.

January-June 1964, June-September 1965.  Statistical Assistant, National Institute for Economic and Social Research.

On the first occasion I was responsible for preparing statistical material on Commonwealth trade. On the second occasion I undertook a project on the reliability of official statistics as part of the NIESR economic forecast team.


1964 – 67   Clare College, Cambridge

            1965 Economics Tripos, Part 1: Class II.1

            1966 Economics Tripos, Prelims: Class I

                        Foundation Scholarship, Clare College

                        Elected to Political Economy Club

             1967 Economics Tripos, part II: Class I

                        College Prize


1968 – 71   Department of Sociology, University of Essex

    SSRC-supported doctoral student.

                          PhD awarded 1975:     "The Structuralism of Claude Lévi-Strauss"


Professional Recognition

August 1998:    Visiting Fellow, Centre for Russian and East European Studies, Stanford University.

April 2001:        Visiting Professor, City University, Hong Kong.

2002:               nominated by the British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies and elected as an Academician of the Academy of Social Science.


 I taught on a wide range of courses during my years at Warwick, although my primary teaching responsibility has always been in the areas of comparative and historical sociology and sociological theory.


I have taught part or all of the following undergraduate courses: Social Research Methods, History of Sociology, Sociological Concepts and Institutions, Sociology of Developing Societies, Contemporary Sociological Theory, Sociology of Literature, Sociology of Language, Political Sociology, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Marx’s Social Theory, Social Structure of Modern Britain, Joint Seminar in Philosophy and Sociology, Problems of Historical Sociology, Sociology of Advanced Industrial Societies, Class and Gender in Britain since 1750, Modernity and Globalisation.


MA Sociology, MA Sociology of Southern Africa, MA Comparative Labour Studies, MA Social and Political Thought. Recent MA courses: Political Economy, Ideology and the State; Marx’s Social Theory; Trade Unions and Worker Organisation in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe; Money and the State.

 Doctoral supervision:

I have supervised more than 40 doctoral students, most of whom subsequently secured posts in research or higher education (If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know!):

Nick Sage
Pete Burnham
Jon Mulberg
Mike Neary
Anastasia Ioannidou
Graham Taylor
Graham van Wyk
Bob Fine
Sarah Ashwin
Annette Robertson
Rob Ferguson
Marina Kiblitskaya
Abdo Saleh
Laila Gad
Mathew Britnell
Ana Dinerstein
Rebecca Gumbrell
Vadim Borisov
Greg Schwartz
So-Kang Kim
Dae-Oup Chang
Rainer Anders
Pearson N’tata
Polina Aronson
Sotirios Skandalis
Gregory Ioannou
Milena Kremakova
Sigeo Huzimoto
Chris Bolsmann
Andrew Timming
Chris Chan
Tim Pringle
Claudio Morrison
Guido Starosta
Irina Bulantseva
Juliette Summers
Lolo Ditshego
Jeremy Sun
Marcus Taylor
Nana Zhang
Shihao Kang
Polina Aronson
Milena Kremakova
Sotirios Skandalis
Gregory Ioannou
Adil Rodionov (Astana)
Heike Schaumberg (Manchester)


Funded Research Grants


 Funding Body




Simon Clarke and Peter Fairbrother


Workplace Labour Organisation in the Soviet Union

1.6.91 – 1.8.91


Simon Clarke and Peter Fairbrother

University of Warwick Research & Innovations Fund

Change in the Soviet Union

1.8.91 – 30.6.92


Simon Clarke and Peter Fairbrother

ESRC East-West Initiative Phase 2.

The development of industrial management and industrial relations in Russia.

1.5.92 – 30.4.94

£30,010 Rated Outstanding

Simon Clarke

Nuffield Foundation

The emergence of hierarchy in the new workers' movement in Russia

1.9.92 – 30.8.93


Simon Clarke and Peter Fairbrother

ESRC East-West Programme. Supplementary Grant.

The development of industrial management and industrial relations in Russia.

1.5.93 – 30.4.94


Simon Clarke, Peter Fairbrother and Huw Beynon


The restructuring of the Russian coal-mining industry.

1.04.94 – 30.09.96

£127,355Rated Outstanding

Simon Clarke

University of Warwick Research and Innovations Fund

Seminar and Working Paper Series in Comparative Labour Studies.



Simon Clarke

EC Tempus Tacis Programme.

Pre-JEP: The development of sociology in Russia.

1.1.94 – 31.12.94

38,000 ECU

Simon Clarke

EC Athena Association (INTAS)

The Restructuring of Management and Industrial Relations in Russia


30,000 ECU

Simon Clarke

Overseas Development Administration

Restructuring of Employment and the Development of the Labour Market in Russia.

September 1995 to October 1996.


Simon Clarke

Westminster Foundation.

Information-Analytical Centre for the Russian coal-mining industry.

September 1995 to August 1996.


Simon Clarke


Trade Unions and Industrial Relations in Russia

July to December 1996


Simon Clarke

INTAS 93-extension:

The Restructuring of Management, Labour Relations and Labour Organisation in the FSU.

April 1996- April 1997

38,000 ECU

Simon Clarke

Ford Foundation

Grant for two conferences in Russia

June-November 1996


Simon Clarke

EC Tempus Tacis Programme

JEP: The development of sociology in Russia

1.9.94 – 31.8.97

721,900 ECU

Elain Bowers with Simon Clarke

Nuffield Foundation

Gender identity and the collapse of the Soviet system

1st March 1996 to 31st August 1997

. £5,000

Simon Clarke

Department for International Development

Poverty in Transition (Consultancy)

September – December 1997


Simon Clarke


Cultural and Political Consequences of the crisis of gender identity following the collapse of the Soviet system

October 1996 – December 1998

40,000 ECU

Simon Clarke


The Restructuring of Employment and the Formation of a Labour Market in Russia.

October 1996-December 1998.

£245,301Rated Outstanding

Simon Clarke

Department for International Development

New Forms of Employment and Survival Strategies in Russia

September 1997 – March 1999


Simon Clarke


Innovation in Industrial Enterprises in the NIS

August 1998 to October 2001

275,000 ECU

Simon Clarke and Sarah Ashwin


The development of trade unionism in Russia

February 1999 to January 2002


Simon Clarke


The development of trade union activities and structures in contemporary Russia

June 1998 to December 2001

60,000 ECU

Simon Clarke and Tony Elger


Management structures, employment relations and class formation in Russia

April 2002 to March 2005


Simon Clarke

International Labour Organisation

The Management of Innovation in Russia

December 2001


Centre for Comparative Labour Studies and ISITO, Moscow

Department for International Development (Democratic Institutions Small Projects Scheme II)

Exchange of experience in the training of young trade union activists in Russia and Britain

18 months

. £49,970

Simon Clarke and ISITO Samara

Department for International Development/EBRD

Social and Economic Impact of the BAS Programme in Samara

May 2002 to July 2004

EURO 100,791

Simon Clarke

INTAS Innovation Grant

Social Assessment of the Effectiveness of Social Partnership

April 2004 to March 2006

EURO 25,000

Simon Clarke


Trade Unions in Post-Socialist Society: overcoming the state socialist legacy?

April 2004 to March 2007

EURO 146,400

Simon Clarke

ESRC NGPA Programme

Post-Socialist Trade Unions, Low Pay and Decent Work: Russia, China and Vietnam

October 2005-December2008

£318,375.45Rated Outstanding

Other projects


I was a non-funded participant in a project with Professor Mark Granovetter and Dr Valeri Yakubovich of Stanford University, funded by the NSF, researching labour mobility in Samara from August 1998 to December 1999.

I was a non-funded participant in a project on the development of trade unionism in China and Russia, headed by Dr Bill Taylor of City University, Hong Kong, funded to the tune of $50,000 by the Soka University of America and the Pacific Basin Research Centre, Harvard University.

I have been consultant to the Ford Foundation funded extension to our Tempus TACIS programme. I have also been consultant to the projects on the development of sociology teaching based at the Institute of Sociology in Moscow and at Nizhnii Novgorod State University, both funded under the World Bank’s Higher Education Development Loan.