This is one of a series of books I wrote set in the Later Roman Empire. It's set in the fourth century. The others (Imperial Purple, set in the fifth century, and The Bearkeeper's Daughter, set in the sixth) are out of print Beacon at Alexandria
Island of Ghosts This is the first book published by Tor/Forge. It's set in Roman Britain in the reign of Marcus Aurelius (yes, the emperor murdered in the film "Gladiator") I actually wrote it twice, once as it stands, and then again from multiple viewpoints. The different points of view were fun, but I think they lost the headlong momentum which is one of the strengths of the book, so I scrapped them, apart from a few insights into how the other characters felt about events.
This one broke one of my own rules, as it's about a real historical figure, albeit one that nobody knows much about--Archimedes of Syracuse. (Real historical figures usually have too many inconvenient facts about their lives to allow for good fiction.) In a way it's more personal than most of my books as well, as I drew on the many physicists I've known to portray the man. Sand-Reckoner
Wolf Hunt This is a departure for me, as it's set in the middle ages, not classical antiquity. It's based on a werewolf story by a twelfth century woman writer. I've now decided that the heroine marries the wrong man, but I think it still works.
This is an even greater departure, as it's science fiction. I really enjoyed doing something so different from everything I've done before. The best part was the freedom to use metaphors drawn from contemporary life and from science, which one just can't do in a historical novel without sounding anachronistic. (All right, other people do it, but they do indeed sound anachronistic, and I notice, even if they don't.) Wrong Reflection
Dangerous Notes My second science fiction novel. I planned it to be about brains and consciousness, but it ended up being mainly about music.
One of the books I wrote for my kids. We enjoyed it very much, and it's had excellent reviews, but I believe it's now out of print. I've written two other kids' books which were printed, as well as several that weren't, and I enjoyed writing them perhaps more than I've enjoyed writing anything else I've done--probably because I wrote them as bedtime stories and had an immediate and enthusiastic audience. This is the sequel to The Dragon and the Thief; my other published children's book, Beyond the North Wind, is not connected to the other two. Land of Gold

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