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I am a published writer with 15 books out in various languages. These include an Arthurian trilogy (Hawk of May, Kingdom of Summer, and In Winter's Shadow) which have been very popular in English and German and have been reprinted regularly; a set of historical novels set in the later Roman Empire (Beacon at Alexandria, The Bearkeeper's Daughter and The Colour of Power{Imperial Purplein the US}); a couple of children's books (The Dragon and the Thief; The Land of Gold; Beyond the North Wind); a one-off called Horses of Heaven (a fantasy set in Central Asia in the second century BC). I now have another lot of historical novels published by Tor/Forge: Island of Ghosts, which is set in Roman Britain; The Sand-reckoner, a fictional work about Archimedes of Syracuse; and The Wolf Hunt, a medieval fantasy. I have also published two science fiction novels with Severn House, The Wrong Reflection and Dangerous Notes.

Next out will be another historical, Cleopatra's Heir, about Caesarion, the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII. After that there's another Roman thriller, still in the hands of my publishers.

The strong classical flavour of the list is undoubtedly due to my training as a classicist at university (University of Michigan and Newnham College, Cambridge). I am an enthusiast for classical antiquity, and love roaming about Graeco-Roman ruins on holiday. The rest of the family has a huge exposure to hypocausts and hippodromes. They have sometimes protested ("Not another Roman ruin!") but mostly they've quite enjoyed it.

I am happily married with four kids, whom I dote upon.