Matthew Turner


Brief history

Following some great advice from John Chalker I decided to do a PhD in theoretical soft condensed matter physics. I was extremely lucky to have Mike Cates (recently appointed Lucasian professor) as my PhD supervisor in the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University where I worked on the dynamics of polymers that can exchange mass. I somehow found time to be president of Trinity College BA Society (for grad students; it isn't called an MCR at Trinity). After my PhD I was a postdoc with Jean-Francois Joanny at the Institut Charles Sadron in Strasbourg. In 1991 I was elected a Fellow of Trinity ("under title A"), an immense privilege. After winning a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in Cambridge I moved to the University of California at Santa Barbara; it was great to spend time in the Institute for Theoretical Phyics (now KITP). I was then appointed to the faculty at Warwick before leaving, almost immediately, to become the W M Keck fellow in the Centre for Studies in Physics and Biology, Rockefeller University from 1998-2000. I first learned something about Biology at Rockefeller; it is an amazing science. In recent years I have held a Joliot-Curie visiting fellowship at ESPCI, Paris and been the Mayant-Rothschild visiting professor at Institut Curie. In 2010 I became an EPSRC Leadership Fellow. Recently, I've been having a lot of fun working on some completely new problems.

Publications etc available here

Places I've worked

trinity Trinity College, Cambridge

ics Institut Charles Sadron, Strasbourg

itp University of California at Santa Barbara

rockefeller Rockefeller University, New York City


warwick Warwick University, I work in the Centre for Complexity Science where the rainbow ends

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