I have moved

Since March 2017, I am employed at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona., as a Ramon y Cajal researcher.

I keep this site as legacy, and thus it won't be much updated. You can find my new website here.

Old news

  • (27/4/2016) Added the seminar on p-adic Hodge theory.
  • (17/08/2015) Replaced the learning section with a seminar section, with the talks in the Number Theory seminar.
  • (20/04/2015) Added a new "Learning" section with information on the study group on Euler Systems.
  • (05/08/2014) Updated the "About" section, and correspondingly the CV.
  • (01/08/2014) I have added some links to code, and adapted the whole site so that it plays well with mobile devices. Please let me know if it looks too awful in your device!
  • (29/07/2014) Check out the new way of presenting slides of talks that I've given. It uses SlideShare together with knowls, and I think that the result is pretty neat.
  • (10/01/2014) This page (as well as its maintainer) has just moved to Warwick. Note also that dates will now be written in the more European format (DD/MM/YYYY).