The Great Gate of Trinity College (August 1998, oils)

Trinity College, charcoal, January 1997

The Fountain in the Great Court of Trinity College (1996, pastels)

Great Court (1997, oil painting on the self-made-never-drying oil :-) )

Kitchen Bridge (2002, acrylic)

New Court (2002, acrylic)

View from Cripps Building I (2002, acrylic)

View from Cripps Building II (2002, acrylic)

Former City Council of Zhovkva, pastels,1997

The same building (but from a different point of view)! (July 2003, oils)

And this is a picture by my nephew Roman of the very same building :-) (July 2003, oils)

Arch de Triomph, Paris (March 2000, ink)

Fountain of Innocents, Paris (March 2000, ink)

Castle (1998, oil pastels)